Ferrari world Abu Dhabi

Ferrari world Abu Dhabi

Ferrari world Abu Dhabi

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Ferrari World Theme Park

Your Trip Dubai Presents you the attraction tickets of the World Largest indoor Amusement park, Ferrari World Theme Park. It is an educational tour plus a thrilling and adventurous tour at the same time, a heavenly place for car lovers and Eden for Ferrari lovers. Your Trip Dubai provides you with the tickets at the best price.

About The Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World Theme Park:

Ferrari world theme park is an amusement park on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The construction of the park started on 3 November 2007. In three years of development, the park was officially opened to the public on 4 November 2010. It also holds the record for the largest space frame structure ever built. It is first branded theme park and also has the world's fastest roller coaster, the “Formula Rossa”.

Famous rides in Ferrari world theme park:

Ferrari World theme park has a lot of amazing rides, all the rides are entertaining, thrilling and some of them are educational as well. Famous rides of Ferrari World are Formula Rossa, Fiorano GT Challenge, Scuderia Challenge, Benno's Great Race, Flying Aces, Turbo Track, G-Force and Viaggio in Italia.

About The Famous Rides of Ferrari World Theme Park:

  • First, there is Formula Rossa. It's the world fastest rollercoaster and the theme of the ride is based on the Formula F-1. This ride is full of amazing turns and high low drops of the tracks.
  • Second is Fiorano GT Challenge it is also a roller coaster but the fun part is this that is consist of two parallel tracks and two rollercoaster moves simultaneous, which gives a feeling of racing rollercoasters. it’s based on the theme of GT Race.
  • Scuderia Challenge is a one-person virtual based ride, with hydraulic seat movements which move according to your car on the screen.
  • Carousel in Ferrari world is not like the normal carousels there are Ferrari car carts instead of poneys and horses.
  • Flying Aces is also a roller coaster and there is a reason for this name. The ride has some really straight drops from really top heights. It also has 360 twist turn.
  • Turbo Track, This intimate Impulse shuttle coaster launches from 0-63.4 mph (0-102 km/h) in just over 3 seconds through a glass funnel, propelling riders vertically through the iconic red roof to the highest point on Yas Island at 210 feet (64m), before they experience zero gravity as they plummet.
  • You'll find the tower of speed i.e.G-Force. Take a moment to catch your breath, enjoy the eagle-eye-view from the highest point on Yas Island, before plummeting back to earth.
  • Viaggio in Italia is an amazing addition to Ferrari world theme park like you can fly over Italy.
  • There is this amazing ride specially designed for kids Benno's Great Race, During this ride, your kid will interact with different virtual games and can learn amazing things.

Note: Alcohol is available on request.

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